London's Burning!

Why was the Great Fire of London so destructive?

Year two have been working really hard to try to find out the answer to this question. We found out: that a man called Samuel Pepys lived in London in 1666 and he wrote a diary. This diary told us a lot of information about what life was like in London in 1666. One of the events he wrote about was the Fire of London. 

We looked at how houses were built in the 16th century and what materials were used to build houses 500 years ago. Some features of a Tudor house included a timber frame, a jetty and leaded windows. We had a go at building our own Tudor houses using recycled materials. 

Once we had built our houses, we decided to re-create The Great Fire. We had so much fun watching the fire spread down Pudding lane and see the houses burn. 

We discovered The Great Fire of London happened because of the building materials used, the dry conditions and wind and because the houses were built so close together. 

To end our topic, we had a fantastic visit from the Whitby Fire Brigade. We even got to sit in the front of the fire engine before they were called away.